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“Trabajo con los CEOs individualmente y en un formato de grupo consultor de pares, para ayudarlos a liderar de manera más estratégica, efectiva y sustentable, tanto a nivel personal como profesional. Me apasiona inspirar claridad y coraje en un empresario para que actúe con audacia para desarrollar su compañía.”

Mark Murphy,
Yorba Linda, California

Chairman Vistage desde 2012

“I help my members by determining who they really are as leaders and where they want to be as leaders. I also provide them with a platform — a place to stand and grow, to find support and to make change possible. Most people need that kind of support to go through major change. They don’t have to go it alone.”

Lance Descourouez
San Francisco, California

Vistage Chair since 1998

“What unleashes individual’s motivation? What gets team members focused, collaborating and acting effectively for a shared purpose? What keeps organizations productive and agile? These are the questions that drive my passion as a business leader and trusted advisor.”

Dwight Frindt
Seattle, Washington

Vistage Chair since 1994

“Our members are already doers and strong decision-makers. And then there are the things they are not doing or not confident enough to do. As their advocate, a Chair provides that discipline to take action and continually push them to the next level.”

Janet Fogarty
Denver, Colorado

Vistage Chair since 1993

“My approach to Chairing is firm, compassionate and resolute. I come from a military background and have worked hard to be an agile Chair. I help my members bring a warrior mindset to challenges so they’re prepared to face anything. Nothing holds them back — in life or in business.”

Arturo Lopez
Houston, Texas

Vistage Chair since 2014

“I’m a huge believer in the power of a group. Vistage combines this with the opportunity to work with high-performing CEOs and entrepreneurs to create growth and value for themselves, their employees and families, and the entire community.”

Linda Gabbard
Atlanta, Georgia

Vistage Chair since 2005

“My mission is to put cash in the hands — and balance in the lives — of my members.” 

Michael Malone
San Diego, California

Vistage Chair since 2005

“I enjoy being that trusted advisor, that confidant, and from a personal level I really enjoy helping my members achieve their professional and personal objectives.”

Robert Powell
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Vistage Chair since 2014

“Being a Chair is an opportunity to have an impact not just on an individual, not just on a team, but actually on other employees, on the families that those people go home to, and the ripple effect of that.”

Scott Seagren
Chicago, Illinois

Vistage Chair since 2010

“I wanted to do something that I thought could make a difference and help people; something that would really help solve some of the problems that I‘d seen in business.”

Mark Taylor
New York City, New York

Vistage Chair since 1995

“Becoming a Vistage Chair gives me the opportunity to walk a journey with CEOs. As a Chair, you get a chance to watch CEOs grow and develop over the years.”

Patty Vogan
Orange County, California

Vistage Chair since 2006