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Vistage Chief Executive Program

Vistage for chief executives There’s a lot riding on your decisions. The Vistage Chief Executive Program is designed to help you make more effective decisions that lead to powerful results.

At the core, a confidential advisory group of peers helps you focus on what’s most critical. Led by an accomplished business leader, this unbiased group will help you solve problems and uncover opportunities. Take your business to the next level by connecting to thought leaders and 23,000 members across the globe.

Designed for the challenges of chief executives

You’re surrounded by stakeholders with competing agendas, and you make all decisions on your own without the benefit of unbiased advice.
Get your decisions vetted by an ideal sounding board — an objective, experienced peer group who will offer unbiased advice in a confidential environment.
You’re concerned that your current culture may be having a negative impact on business.
Learn best practices on building an empowered, results-driven team. Find and fix blind spots to advance your leadership ability.
You’re not sure you have the best processes in place to scale up the business.
Get access to models of success and expert advice to help you retool your long-term strategy without sacrificing current business performance.
You’re seeking guidance on how to fuel the next stage of growth.
Gain fresh perspectives on complex issues to optimize business decisions and results.

What our members say

“There are so many things you can take away from your Vistage experience that would take you an MBA or a PhD to get. But you get them, not in the context of a classroom, but in the context of real business people talking about having actually lived through this crisis or that situation.”

—Peter Ganahl, President & CEO, Ganahl Lumber

How Vistage works

Confidential peer advisory boards

  • Work on your most pressing issues with an exclusive group of 12-16 chief executives from non-competing industries.
  • Process issues in sessions led by a highly trained executive coach.

Private executive coaching

  • Receive one-to-one coaching from an accomplished business leader.
  • Get personalized guidance to navigate challenges and opportunities.

World-class speakers and events

  • Learn from experts at your advisory board meetings, regional events and boot camps.
  • Activate new ideas for business growth and personal development.

Specialized networks and communities

  • Join online and in-person communities organized by industry, function or geography.
  • Receive high-value answers to tactical questions.

Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than average small and midsize U.S. businesses.

Source: 2017 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data